Kuwaiti Group
for investment and Development

Kuwaiti Group is an agri-business company specialized in fertilizers and grains. Kuwaiti Group redefines superiority and sustainability. A sense of social responsibility starts with the right agri-practices throughout the year, and hence our slogan is “Go Green and Sustain”.(

Kuwaiti Group for investment and Development

As a response to the Egyptian government attempts to enhance the performance of its economy, AlKuwaitiah Group has decided to penetrate the Egyptian Market with 5 main orientations:

  1. The First: to promote Agricultural investment and reclaim large tracts of desert land.
  2. The Second: to provide Egyptian farmers with all their Agricultural requirements such as seeds, fertilizers and Argotechnical machines.
  3. The third: to export and sometimes import agricultural vegetables and fruits.
  4. The fourth: to feed cows and Buffalos.
  5. The fifth: to work with agrochemical industries.
social responsibility
Go Green and Sustain

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